Last update was made on 30th July.

1 General section

1.1. The Organizer of the Czech Swimrun Tour series is 4Motion z.s., with it´s residence
addressed to K Olympiku 563/2, 186 00 Praha 8.

1.2 General terms

1.2.1. race – any sporting event falling within the Czech Swimrun Tour series
1.2.2. track – a fixed route defined by the race map beginning with the start banner and finishing with the finish banner
1.2.3. organizer – a team set up by the Organizer to organize the race
1.2.4. participant – a person starting at one or more races marked with a valid start number
1.2.5. team – a pair of participants starting and entering the race together under one team name

2 Terms of registration

2.1. Registration is made by filling in the registration form available at

2.2. The starting fee for the individual races is stated in the proposals of the given race.

2.3. Registration process is completed and becomes binding at the time of payment of the starting fee. Once the registration is complete, it is not possible to return the starting fee. Registration can be transferred to another team free of charge, up to 10 days before the race. After this period it is possible only for a handling fee of 100 CZK.

2.4. By registering to the race, the participant honestly declares that he has sufficient physical condition to complete the race and that he can safely handle all the swimming segments of the race to which he is registered.

2.5. If the participant has not reached the age of 18 until the day of the race, he must provide to Organiser an Approval of the statutory representative, which is available for download at the race website in the racing section or is be available at start in a paper form.

2.6. By registering to the race, the participant agrees to processing the personal data provided at registration, storage and use for the purposes of the race in accordance with Act No. 101/2000 Coll. on the protection of personal data.

2.7. All participants participate in the race at their own risk release organizer and all persons associated with race in any capacity, from any liability due to injuries etc. that I may incur as a result of my attendance and or participation at the race.

2.8. By signing up for a race, each participant declares that he / she fully understands and accepts these Rules and agrees with the rights of the participants in the race as described in Chapter 8 of these Rules.

2.9. A signature of participants reverse will be required during presentation at the race start. Participants reverse is available on Without firming this reverse, participant will not be allowed to start in the race.

3 Race categories

3.1. All races are announced for two-member teams. The start of an individual participant is not allowed.

3.2. It is possible to start in the following categories:

3.2.1. SPRINT men
3.2.2. SPRINT women
3.2.3. SPRINT mix
3.2.4. STANDARD men
3.2.5. STANDARD women
3.2.6. STANDARD mix

4 Track

4.1. The race track will be marked throughout it´s whole length. Running sections will be labeled at intervals by PVC ribbons and in difficult sections additionally by arrow indicators. The beginning and end of each swimming section will be visibly marked with a flag or a buoy. The exact form of marking will be introduced on the day of the race.

4.2. The organizer provides basic refreshments on the track for participants by placing refreshment stations on the race track, namely:

4.2.1. min. 1 on the SPRINT track
4.2.2. min. 2 on the STANDARD track.

4.3. During the race, at least one medical crew will be available on the water and one at the start and finish area.

5 Equipment

5.1. Each participant carries the complete equipment throughout the all race. Is not allowed to pick up or leave any parts of the equipment on the track.

5.2. Each patrticipant has to have the following mandatory equipment during the race:

5.2.1. Swimming cap of bright color
5.2.2. Whistle
5.2.3. Starting number
5.2.4. Race map in a waterproof package (only 1 for the team is required)

5.3. Permitted equipment:

5.3.1. Wetsuit
5.3.2. Pull-buoy
5.3.3. Hand paddles
5.3.4. Tether / rope for team members to interact

5.4. Prohibited equipment:

5.4.1. Tilting aids greater than 0.25 meters square and any other equipment which helps to increase the speed and effectiveness of the movement in water, except for the aids referred to in paragraph 5.3.
5.4.2. Equipment covered with any color or paint than can be washed off by water.

5.5. The mandatory equipment will be checked before the start by Organiser. In the case of incomplete mandatory equipment or discarded prohibited equipment, the team will not be allowed to enter the starting corridor and to start in the race.

6 Behavior on the track

6.1. The whole race must be completed by the team on a predetermined race track within the time limit and only by using it´s own strength.

6.2. The participant must not accept any third-party assistance, i.e. from anyone other than the team partner or organizers at the refreshment station during the race. This does not apply to health care.

6.3. Participants within one team must move together on the track and both team members must be at all time within the distance of each other of 100 meters on land and of 10 meters in water.

6.4. The Participant must wear a swimming cap of bright color during all swimming segments.

6.5. The participant must behave considerably to the other participants of the race and to the nature and not to leave garbage on the track.

6.6. The participant has to act in accordance with all applicable laws, especially Act no. 361/2000 Coll. and Act no. 289/95 Coll. of the Czech legislation.

6.7. The participant must always respect the safety of both his own and other participants. In this context, each participant is required to:

6.7.1. In case of health or life threats, help the wounded participant or member of organizer on the track and immediately call the Organizer or emergency rescue service.
6.7.2. In case of a finding any circumstances threatening the health or life of the participants or member of organizer, notify this to the Organizer.

7 Evaluation of race / series results

7.1. The race team ranking is given by the time that is measured from the start to the finish
of both members of the team.

7.2. The time on the track is determined by the timekeeper according to the official race timer, which is placed and visibly displayed at the start / finish area.

7.3. The final results of the race are determined by the Arbitration commission composed of the Director of the race, the Chief referee and the Timekeeper.

7.4. Intermediate results can be posted during the race at the start / finish area. The final results will be announced by the Organizer during ceremony and on their website after the race is over and any protests are resolved.

7.5. In each race, the 3 best teams from each category will be announced and awarded .

7.6. From each race, each team will get points to the overall ranking of the series, from which 3 top pairs in SPRINT and 3 top pairs in STANDARD (without gender differentiation) will be announced and awarded at the end of the last race.

8 Participants rights and obligations

8.1. Under the conditions of acting according to these rules, each participant has the right to::

8.1.1. Start in the race to which he / she registered, a starting bag, refreshments on the track and at the finish, first aid, and, in the case of placement at award-winning places, announcement and prize award.
8.1.2. Submit protests to race-related issues or violations of rules. The protest can be given during the race and within 1 hour after the time limit and only to the Director of the race in paper form, using the Protest form available at the registration site.

8.2. Each participant has the obligation:

8.2.1. Follow the rules of the Czech Swimrun Tour series.

8.3. The Organizer reserves the right to:

8.3.1. Cancel the race without a substitute for the starting fee, in circumstances that could endanger the safety or lives of participants and which the organizer can not influence in advance (floods or other extreme weather conditions, health threats to water quality, etc.).
8.3.2. Not to allow start in the race to those participants who show signs of high fatigue and exhaustion, use of alcohol or other narcotics.
8.3.3. Interrupt or terminate the race in any situation where the safety or the lives of the participants could be endangered without a substitute for the starting fee.
8.3.4. Penalize or disqualify a team based on a clear violation of these rules in following way: 5-minute penalty for violation of any regulation 10-minute penalty for a second repeated violation of the same regulation disqualification for a third repeated violation of the same regulation other individual penalties or direct disqualification in case of serious violations of the rules (e.g. shortening the route of the race, conquering the route by means other than using it´s own strength, etc.). In such cases, the arbitration body will be the Arbitration commission defined in point 7.3 of these Rules
8.3.5. Take photo and video material on which participants are captured and further processed and use this material for commercial purposes (marketing, printing, internet, television and film use).

8.4. The organizer has the obligation to:

8.4.1. Process and resolve the protests filled by the participants immediatelly or not later than within 24 hours after the protest submission.
8.4.2. Publish the official results of the race online on the series web site, within 48 hours after the end of the race.
8.4.3. Process personal data of participants in accordance with Act No. 101/2000 Coll. on the protection of personal data.

These Rules are valid from 20. 5. 2018.