Hello to all swimrunners!

After some time we bring you few swimrun news about the last race in Czech Republic this year, which takes place at Slapy on 8-th of September.

1/ Compare your team with swimrun world championship participants

On Monday, 3rd of September 2018 in Üto, Sweden – cradle of swimrun, takes place ÖTILLÖ WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP. Only 170 top teams from all over the world have the privilege to participate. This year, there are 3 Czechs among them. Helena Karásková, who races with her swedish colleague Martin Flinta and one purely czech male team – Petr Vabroušek / Tomáš Svoboda. We can gladly say, that the second named team will be present as well on the Czech Swimrun Tour at Slapy. Come and race along the Czech „Iron man“, the winner of 37 ironmens, and man who finished the challenge of 7 marathons in 7 days on 7 continents!

You can find out more about ÖTILLÖ WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP here.

2/ Swimrun lucky-dip

Within the friendly relationship with other swimrun enthusiasts, we have managed to secure some pretty amazing prizes that anyone attending to the last Czech Swimrun Tour race at Slapy can win.

I. First prize in the lucky-dip is the brand new swimsuit Alliance od Blue70, which is specially developed for swimrun races.

It is a result of three years of intensive testing on racing tracks and masterd to the finest details. Jumping into water, fast swimming, running out of the water and comfortable running – all this was thought of in its design.

  • small and large pockets for storage of equipment and nutrition
  • carabiner eyes for connecting both competitors
  • durable construction for the toughest handling
  • long zip fastener for hot run
  • the sleeves can be trimmed freely without the risk of blinding

For more information click here.

II.Second prize is a starting fee for 2 teams at the prestigious and long-sold swimrun at our neighbours in Poland, one on the SPRINT track, one on the STANDARD track (in Poland called marathon). More information about the race and individual routes can be found here, or here (in polish).

The race in Poland takes place exactly 1 week after the race at Slapy – i.e. on Saturday, September 15th. We'd love to have the startup winner somebody who will eventually attend to the race. Anyone who would like to participate in swimrun in Poland, please fill out the short form, we prepared for these needs. By filling it out, you will automatically be included in the lucky-dip for tickets.

3/ Discounted starting fee

We´d like to remind that by 8.8. you still have the opportunity to sign up for a Slapy race for a discounted starting fee.

With the information that you can expect another batch of information soon, we greet you and wish you a beautiful summer day!

regards, team of organizers

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