Hi swimrunners,

although hot summer days just invite you to swim and have a regular cooling in the water, we have dropped out of the swimrunning practice for a while and we have prepared another batch of information from the world of swimrun.

1/ Swimrun "matching"

Do you want to try a swimrun and you have nobody to join you? Try a matching site where you can find a suitable swimrun partner! Just check facebook of Petr Vabroušek, where the "matching site" is posted and where you can write your approximate time for 1km of swimming and 10km of running and wait for the others to contact you 🙂

2/ Basecamp for race at Slapy

The basecamp of the last race at Slapy will be in the public camp Nová Živohošť. Beware of similar place Živohošť which is on the other side of the river!

You can arrive on Friday, on site you will be able to sleep free in the "tent town" or for a fee of 500,- CZK in the cottage. If you are interested in the cottage, let us know in advance to book it for you. Parking is on site.

There will be toilets and washbasins again, with the possibillity of use hot water shower for 20, - CZK.

3/ Discount voucher for Blueseventy products

Each participant in the Slapy race automatically gets a 20% discount on the purchase of equipment from Blueseventy, that is our new main partner. You can use it for example to buy wetsuit designed specifically for swimrun, which will cost you 4 800 CZK. If you are interested in buying Blueseventy products, follow the instructions on the web and state that you are a participant of the Slapy race.

4/ New video teaser

Although the overall video of the first year of Czech Swimrun Tour is still not finished, you can look at least a brief video footage with selected shots from already completed races.

5/ World championship in swimrun

In less than 2 weeks, this year's world swimrun championship will be held on Monday 3rd of September. If you want to watch the czech participants, check out the otilloswimrun.com.

Greetings from

Czech Swimrun Tour organizers

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