Czech Swimrun Tour 2021

Czech Swimrun Tour 2022

The Czech Swimrun Tour will continue in 2022 with only one race, but it will be quite unique – in a place where no swimrun race has taken place yet – in a place where both nature and history breathe on you – in a place where is a support site, a start and also finish of the race right on the island! Join Swimrun Kolín 2022!!!

Kolín 2022 race info

Date: 25.6.2022

Start time: STANDARD 10.00 AM / SPRINT 11.00 AM

Location: Kmoch island in Kolín and surroundings

Organizer: Kolín Sports Swimming Club in cooperation with 4Motion z.s.

Registration: online or at the start area on the day of the race

Parking: for free during the event in the adjacent streets

Accommodation: in the city the possibility of accommodation in hotels and pensions

Refreshment: for racers refreshment station on the tracks and warm food and drink at the finish

Luggage storage: available on the premises of the competitors on the day of the race from 9 am to 4 pm

Toilets and showers: The toilet is available free of charge during the event in the Kmoch Island area, showers are not available

Races and tracks

total length: 14km
swimming: 2,5km
running: 11,5km
races: singles man / woman and teams (2 persons) men / women / mixed
total length: 25km
swimming: 4km
running: 21km
races: singles man / woman and teams (2 persons) men / women / mixed
Time limit
Due to the fact that this is the only race in our country, the organizer does not set limits for completion, however, it reserves the right to announce only competitors who will be at the finish at the time of the announcement.

Race fee

Singles SPRINT
Online: 700 CZK (28 EUR)/ At race day: 900 CZK (36 EUR)
Online: 900 CZK (36 EUR) / At race day: 1100 CZK (44 EUR)
Online: 1400 CZK (56 EUR) / At race day: 1800 CZK (72 EUR)
Online: 1800 CZK (72 EUR) / At race day: 2200 CZK (88 EUR)

More info

Official race page located here (only in czech).

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Czech Swimrun Tour

The Czech Swimrun Tour unites swimrun races in the Czech Republic into one series. The first year of the Czech Swimrun Tour took place in 2018. In 2022, the Tour will continue with Swimrun Kolín, which will be in total eleventh swimrun race in Czech Republic.

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Important documents

Series Rules  
Personal Data Protection  
Minors Participation Approval  
Protest Form  
Race Participant’s Waiver  


address of the organizer: (street) K Olympiku 563/2, Prague 8, ZIP 186 00
tour director: Petr Daniš, +420 732 323 774
race director: Petr Neumann
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